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Honey Infused Vodka (how to make it)

Be a star at the next college football tailgate with honey infused vodka. You will feel like far less of a degenerate if your 8:30am booze tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios … because that’s what honey infused vodka tastes like. Breakfast of champions!

Equipment you will need:

  • a mason jar, old milk jugs, some other sealable container
  • metal strainer (optional)
  • cheesecloth
  • glasses for serving
Honey Infused Vodka ingredients - vodka, oats, and honey

The ingredients – cheap vodka, organic rolled oats, and local honey

Ingredients you will need:

  • 750ml – 1L of vodka (don’t but expensive vodka)
  • oats – 1 package of organic rolled oats
  • honey or maple syrup
  • nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, vanilla (optional garnish)

Quick Instructions

  • add vodka to container
  • add oats to container
  • seal the container
  • shake it up, and repeat 1-2x a day over 4-5 days
  • first strain out the oats with a metal strainer, it’s quicker and less messy
  • then strain it repeatedly through the cheesecloth (until the mixture is less cloudy)
  • add the honey / maple syrup
  • blend for a few minutes
  • serve, on ice preferred
  • nutmeg or cinnamon is optional

Detailed instructions for making your honey infused vodka

For starters, you only need two pieces of equipment to make your infused honey oat vodka: a sealable container and a something to strain the mixture with. I used a Crescent Ridge half gallon milk jug, but you could just as easily use an equal sized mason jar. As for straining, I prefer to use a metal strainer before employing some cheesecloth, it really helps reduce the amount of cheesecloth you will need.

Why not premium vodka? Because you are adding flavors to the vodka. You don’t need the smoothest vodka money can buy to get a great result with this recipe. Forget the Grey Goose, forgo the Ciroc.

Plus, you don’t need to further pad Diddy’s wallet. I’m sorry, “Brother Love”.

Inexpensive vodka, ready to be infused with honey and oats

Doesn’t vodka look great in a milk jug?

Now, to make the homemade honey infused vodka, start by pouring your liter of college grade spirits, I chose Smirnoff, into your mason jar, milk jug, red snowblower gas can, etc. and then add your (preferably) organic rolled oats. Seal the container and shake it up vigorously. You will want to repeat this process a couple of times a day over the next four to five days as you let the oats infuse, creating your flavored vodka.

The vodka infusing process

What it looks like halfway through

When the oats are done infusing their flavor into the vodka, it’s time to strain the mixture. This is where you the metal strainer will come in handy. Use it to separate out all of the solids from the liquid. One to two times should do the trick.

Straining the oats from the vodka

Metal strainers for the win

After that, give it a few minutes to settle. Then, it’s time to use the cheesecloth for further refinement. Strain more or less depending on how long you left the rolled oats infusing the vodka.

Cheesecloth for straining the oats from the vodka

Cut the cheesecloth into pieces wider than the mouth of the container you are pouring into

The longer you left the oats in, the more times you should strain, let’s call it three to five times.

After you have strained the mixture, it is time to add the sweetener. In my experiment, I used a half-bear (technical measurement) of local, Massachusetts honey. You can use maple syrup or pure agave if you like.

Infuse the vodka with honey or maple syrup

Honey or Syrup? I prefer syrup.

If you want to keep the drink vegan-friendly, opt for the latter. Since I lack patience, I skipped right to using my Vitamix instead of shaking the mixture by hand. The bubbles were a delight to watch.

Honey infused vodka

Respect the Vitamix

Congrats. It’s now time to enjoy your homemade honey infused vodka. If you want, you can serve the drink after the mix settles. Or, feel free to chill it first.

If it’s the holiday season, feel free to sprinkle in some nutmeg or cinnamon, or some allspice if you are really feeling it.

To note – you could buy a vodka infuser, but it seems like a waste of money. For one, there is a ridiculous amount of flavored vodka on the market. Two, it’s much more fun to do it yourself.

Also potentially wasting your money is selecting a more expensive vodka. But if you feel so compelled, try the Bully Boy or the Triple 8. And if you have the chance, take the Cisco Brewery tour, it is a delight.

If you get tired of the honey infused vodka, grab a bottle of cheap red wine that you have lying around hyperdecant it (put it in a blender). Let me know that works for you.