About me

I have years of experience in product design and web development (front-end), working with agencies like Genuine Interactive, servicing personal clients like Boston College and Saucony, and directly for innovative start-ups and enterprise organizations.

Now, I am working with small businesses to improve their digital marketing and organic search visibility.

If you are interested …

Learn about how I built a rental side hustle on Omni. This led to being interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle and being asked to speak at two General Assembly events about side hustles, the first in San Francisco, and the second, How to be a Side-Hustler: A Definitive Guide in Boston. The Boston event is July 18th from 6:30-8:30pm if you are interested.

Speaking of San Francisco, do you live there? Do you have kids? If so, then RENT MY BOUNCE HOUSE on Omni!

Also, I was recently on the Developing Up podcast to talk about continuous learning.

Things I enjoy include learning real estate terms to help me with property management, improving two buck chucks in a blender (hyperdecanting), eating candied bacon, and infusing honey and vodka. Here is what I am up to now.

The best way to contact me is email: tom @ tomfeeley.com